International MBA Program "Food Economy"

6.2. Customer behaviour

Maria Ventura- Lucas

MBA „Zarządzanie w Agrobiznesie”

Block: Functions

Module 6: Marketing

Course: Customer behaviour

The course is coaching oriented and covers the following topics:

  • The Consumer Behaviour concept, antecedents and diversity.
  • Meaning of Consumer Behaviour approaches, theories and models
  • Consumers as individuals – Motivation, Needs, Values, Involvement, Personality, Attitudes, Perception, Learning and Memory and, Interpretation.
  • Consumer as decision-makers- Problem recognition, Information Search, Alternative Evaluation, Purchase Decision, Pos-purchase Evaluation.
  • Consumer External Influences – Culture, Social Class, Situational Factors, Family, Reference Groups).
  • Learning from cases-studies:
    • Consumer Behaviour and Food Safety
    • Food Quality Products
    • Innovation Products

Maria Ventura-Lucas

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