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Beata Kupiec-Teahan


To provide an understanding of the widespread impact of electronic business to individuals, organisations, communities and nations.

Course Content

The E-Business module is taught the context of the changing global environment, which has previously been presented as changes in global markets and global production. It builds on the traditional prescription that organisations can create value for customers through the primary and secondary activities in the Value Chain. After assessing the nature of change and reviewing the buyer’s perspective, the range of possible organisational responses is introduced. Due attention is paid to the differences between individual e-buyers (Business- to-Consumer) and organisational purchasers (Business-to-Business). The potential of Digital Communities and Digital Government is examined.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

This module is ultimately intended to be deliverable face-to-face & electronically at a distance. Face-to-face will have 16 contact hours 2 consecutive days to cover the required material. Students will engage in self-study work before the contact sessions.

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