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Zachowania Konsumenta (Consumer Behaviour)

Maria Raquel Lucas


To understand consumer behaviour developments and influences, giving a comprehensive view of consumer decision-making process and their consequences for marketers to support effective and competitive business strategies.


  1. Understand the consumer behaviour concept and process, its antecedents, developments and diversity
  2. Describe the major steps in the consumer decision-making process.
  3. Understand consumer behaviour internal and external influences.
  4. Compare the consumer’s impact on marketing strategy with the marketing’s impact on consumer’s behaviour.


  1. The Consumer Behaviour concept, antecedents and diversity.
  2. Meaning of Consumer Behaviour approaches, theories and models.
  3. Consumers as individuals – Motivation, Needs, Values, Involvement, Personality, Attitudes, Perception, Learning and Memory and, Interpretation.
  4. Consumer as decision-makers- Problem recognition, Information Search, Alternative Evaluation, Purchase Decision, Pos-purchase Evaluation.
  5. Consumer External Influences – Culture, Social Class, Situational Factors, Family, Reference Groups).
  6. Learning from cases-studies (Consumer Behaviour and Food Safety; Food Quality Products; Innovation Products)


Course work assessment: activity – 50%, assignment – 50% (home work for students: Individual paper/presentation for the assessment).

Exam/Course work weighting: 40%/60%

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