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Human Resource Management (HRM)

Robert Kowalski


Management is about developing people and ensuring an organisation’s main asset – its people – are effective. The module provides a framework for understanding the behaviour of individuals and groups in organisations. To develop knowledge and problem solving relating to the management of people at work. The module attempts to make managers more effective when dealing with staff.


At the end of the module the student should be able to:

  1. Describe the process of staff recruitment and selection
  2. Understand the theories of leadership
  3. Appreciate the importance of motivation and coaching
  4. Have an understanding of Employment law
  5. Create effective work teams
  6. Appreciate bases and sources of power
  7. Describe the process of performance management


  1. Recruitment & Selection; job analysis, person specification, selection methods, induction.
  2. Leadership; theories, management style, traits, effective leadership
  3. Motivation; theories, effective motivation, coaching, coaching skills
  4. Employment Law; sources of EU law, contract of employment, transfer of undertakings, redundancy, discrimination, health & safety, working time directive, disputes.
  5. Working in Teams; group processes, roles in teams, how teams develop, effective teamwork
  6. Power; sources of power, use of power, politics, negotiation, conflict management.
  7. Performance Management; role of training, TNA, Appraisal schemes, training methods, evaluation.


Course work assessment: activity – 50%, assignment – 50% (home work for students: Individual paper/presentation for the assessment).


Exam/Course work weighting: 40%/60%

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